Born out of a real value added service by St. Peter Chapels the Philippines largest and premier funeral parlor called eLibing was the inspiration behind the movie by Director Rommel Andreo Sales. As a matter of fact, I met with the talented Director a few months back during the time when this project was still in the works. As the critics have suggested, the movie is all about the life of a young and innocent lady videographer who happens to take a job documenting real life services by funeral parlors. Though as striking as the movie may seem, the gravity and take of the storyline is much to be pondered upon. To classify, i would call it a dark comedy purely based on the script which I had the privilege to read and be captivated about.

i-Libing Official Poster

Movie, critics and content aside, the proof of the matter is that, technology such as the free service offered by St. Peter Chapels called eLibing, is the inspiration of i-Libing. eLibing is enjoyed by Filipinos in paying tribute to their loving departed by used of creativity and inspiration. Conceptualized in 2008 with full implementation in 2009, I truly believe that this project i started gave the company i work the competitive advantage it so deserves when linking innovation and service towards the new age. Who says that that the DeathCare business is boring? More so, that all eLibing videos are uploaded to St. Peter Chapels commemorative site called St.Peter’s Gate ( for private viewing by families and friends anywhere, anytime all secured in confidence with username and password.
i-Libings cast: Marc Abaya, Glaiza de Castro and director Rommel Sales (Photo by Marlo Cueto/NPPA Images).

No matter how the movie does ticket wise and if ever the talented actors and actress win awards, collectively the movie i-Libing is a true inspiration of reality experienced by Filipinos in achieving dignity for their loved ones at St. Peter Chapels nationwide.

St. Peter Chapels is also largely known for eBurol as well which means online/electronic burol that can be seem through live streaming on the web.